Meet Pete Mar:

What’s your name?
If you ask strangers, it’s one of the following:  guy, boss, dude, brah, or chief.  Otherwise, Pedro will do.

What’s your porn star name?

Where are you from?
Planet Awesome

What was the first concert you ever went to?
Spring, 5th grade.  I played trombone.  It involved a lot of spit

Who are your favorite bands of all time?
The Cure, Green Day, Muse, NIN, AFI, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, White Stripes

Favorite places to hang out at?
My bed

Famous person you’d like to make out with?
Brooklyn Decker

Most rock ‘n’ roll thing you’ve ever done?
Play Rock Band

First album that you purchased?
“C is for Cookie – Cookie’s favorite songs”.  Track 7 “Goodbye Little Cookie” always brings a tear to my eye.  Thankfully, I didn’t know about poetry writing in the closet until high school

What band would you like to be the lead singer of?
That’s assuming I could sing and look good in a bandana?  Guns ’n’ Roses

We’re headed to the bar, what are you having?
Anxiety issues due to my insecurities around pleasant-looking girls

More about Pete:
Around here, life is grand – go somewhere else to find grumpy thoughts.  
Here are some things about me as a member of civilization:

1. I bowl a modest 457 series; not too shabby at all, and apparently, impressive to pleasant-looking ladies. 

2. When I walk into an art gallery, I cross my arms. I look at art better with my arms crossed.  I look for a few minutes, read the blurb, and move on with a considering expression on my face.  Yes, even the stuff at 111 Minna.

3. I like electro, retro, and house like ghetto.  Man, Green Velvet is awesome

You’ll most likely see me:
a)  eating at El Farolito in the Mission for burritos and quesadillas.  Dee-lish.
b)  getting a haircut and some crazy style at Madusalon on Divisadero.  That place has great music too.
c)  walking my dog on Union St/SF or riding my bike with him to Safeway in the Marina.  Exercise for all.
d)  inhaling pizza from Zach’s in Oakland or Garrett’s in Campbell.  Pizza is sustenance after partying.
e)  surfing at Manresa or Pleasure.  Nothing like man against wave.
Fav bands in quadruples(in no particular order):
Cure, Green Day, Muse, NIN,
Silversun Pickups, AFI, Arcade Fire, Radiohead
Dandy Warhols, White Stripes, LCD Soundsystem, Tool


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