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Live 105 to Serve as Raiders Flagship Radio Play-by-Play Outlet in the Bay Area

raiders Live 105 to Serve as Raiders Flagship Radio Play by Play Outlet in the Bay Area

The Oakland Raiders announced today a multi-year agreement for CBS RADIO San Francisco’s LIVE 105 (105.3 KITS-FM) to broadcast play-by-play coverage of the team’s pre-season, regular season and post-season games. Listeners can hear the games on-air and in HD quality through HD Radio receivers in the Bay Area.

In addition to LIVE 105’s coverage, CBS RADIO San Francisco’s KFRC-AM 1550 will simulcast the games. The station will offer listeners a wealth of Raiders related content, including extensive pre and post game programming designed to both entertain and engage the Raider Nation.

This exclusive agreement was negotiated by Compass Media Networks, owner and syndicator of the broadcast rights for all Oakland Raiders English language broadcasts.

“The Raider Organization is delighted to announce an exciting new relationship with Compass Media Networks, pursuant to which Raider games will be broadcast in the Bay Area on KFRC 1550 AM and KITS Live 105 FM, as well as a broad affiliate network in California and beyond,” said Oakland Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask.

“The Oakland Raiders have a tremendous heritage and brand in our community,” saidDoug Harvill, Senior Vice President & Market Manager for CBS RADIO San Francisco. “Adding theOakland Raiders football games to ourlineup is a natural fit anda powerful attraction to LIVE 105’s rock audience and KFRC’s oldies fans. We are thrilled to become even more local in our already successful effort to attract and entertain Bay Area listeners.”

“We are honored to work with the Oakland Raiders and CBS RADIO,” said Peter Kosann, Chief Executive Officer of Compass Media Networks. “Our goal is to significantly increase the number of stations carrying Raiders football. This announcement is just the beginning.”

  • Patrick

    I use to listen to live 105 years ago during high school 6+ years ago when it was good, it has slowly gone down hill, and now betraying the 49ers like this makes me lose more respect. Thumbs down live 105

    • Raiderbern

      But you are still listening to them? Study the history of football in the bay area before you post. Your 49ers haven’t in the playoffs either for the past 7 years. Thye last time I looked at the map, Oakland is in the Bay area, so don’t call it betrayal.

      • Raiderbern

        wow, spellcheck is my friend! “haven’t been in the playoffs” and “The last time….” before you correct me, I apologize.

    • gogil

      Ah, the niners are leaving the the bay area. The raiders Will be the only team in the Bay Area!

  • NinerFan79

    I totally agree with Patrick. The raiders suck and will always suck. At least when we go to a Super Bowl we win. This is a new low for you live 105.

    • raiderfan.robin

      The Raiders were in 3 and won 2 SuperBowls before the 49ers even went to a SuperBowl. Learn your NFL history dumbass.

  • andrea

    the niners suck. well… unless you enjoy drinking wine and eating cheese… at football games ;P

    • raiderfan.robin

      I’ve been to both Raider and 49er games and the Raider fans are so friendly, always wanting to share a beer. 9er fans are stuck up and are not friendly at all.

  • Alex

    I’m still hoping this was an april fools prank…

  • Mae

    Meh. Live 105 killed me when they played Ricky Martin on Cinco de Mayo and now this? Not really a problem, I just never saw it coming. I still listen to Live 105 and I sadly will always be a Raider fan despite their record; however, I don’t listen on Sundays and this kind of enforces that.

  • Los-Def


  • BS

    Are you guys coming to camp then? You should really set something up at the Marriott.

  • Nicole

    The Raiders and the 49ers both SUCK!!!! So get over it and move on. It’s all about the CHARGERS!!!!

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  • sharkraider

    Great move Live 105.
    Raiders are on the uptick…well timed.

  • CoRey

    Wut do the chargers do with their empty trophy case besides collecting dust? Well thank you Live 105 for broadcast the Raiders cuz u know all the 9er fans b listening to boy george on some other station!

  • gogil

    Perfect timing. The Raiders are a cheap stock now. But they are soon to be worth millions. The Raiders are making smart moves. I think Live 105 represents rock and Roll as do the Raiders. The Raiders are at least not planning to leave the bay area as the niners doing. Thanks on behalf of all Raiders fans! We need to publicity. I promise will go to the games!

  • ralph barbieril

    guess this was the only station left for the raiders good luck on a station and low ratings for non sports station goooooooo sharks
    ralph barbieri

  • carlos ramos

    i really wish to see and listen the raiders games in mexico city alive by this radio station 105 thanks

  • CraigT

    The Raider’s problem is owner Al Davis. The man is a Dinosaur. He compromises everything the team tries to do

  • Gman

    Give juice 2 the Raiders, cuz Al Davis never paid us.

  • mainevent

    The RAIDERS are looking real good right now……gurlyners “win at lest 4 games”

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