Trends: The Catalyst Sparks Chart Explosion

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linkinparkuntitled4 Trends: The Catalyst Sparks Chart Explosion

Linkin Park‘s latest video dropped yesterday, and it’s a gas. Featuring the band in an apocalyptic backdrop they seem to be caught in the mother of all powdered paint fights. We’re not sure what it means, but it looks pretty.

The Trends team took a look at how “The Catalyst” has been doing over the last month, from pre-release clips to the full track and beyond, as anticipation build for A Thousand Suns.

the catalyst in scrobbles 001 Trends: The Catalyst Sparks Chart Explosion

Though leaked files took a small proportion of listeners at the end of July, the track’s official release on August 2nd saw a huge rise in listeners, jumping from a few hundred to more than 20,000 almost overnight. In a few days it settled down, regularly reaching more than 4,500 plays, an number already on the rise now that the video’s out.

Linkin Park have always had a strong army of listeners, and A Thousand Suns could see scrobbles regularly reach numbers in the tens of thousands when it drops in September. Make sure your plays count by heading to now, and discover more about how listeners have responded to the band’s back catalog with the new material on the horizon.

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