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when will courtney love NOT embarrass herself in public??!!

Courtney+Love when will courtney love NOT embarrass herself in public??!!

courtney love--image via

last week, i wrote about a little incident involving courtney love, russell simmons, and the word “crackhead”.  this week, courtney has gained my attention YET AGAIN by actinafool at an LA charity event on wednesday.  sh*t escalated to a point that had her begging for “help” from the audience!

celebrities have the power to greatly affect a charity…. positively or negatively.  considering her erratic behavior as of late (and by as of late, i obviously mean the last 16 years) you might want to think twice before inviting courtney love to YOUR charity event!

the HOLE singer got on stage at the amFAR Inspiration Gala benefit at the legendary chateau marmont to perform covers including lady gaga’s “bad romance” and madonna’s “like a prayer”.  she forgot the words several times throughout her curse-word laden set and–surprise surprise– “accidentally” exposed her breasts for all the audience to see.  didn’t she do that at BFD this year?  courtney wrapped up her set by saying: “please help!  all of you… help me.  i don’t want to be controversial anymore.”  your suggestions of help/words of encouragement/words of discouragement are welcome in the comments section.

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