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The Limousines

The Limousines

Get up close and personal with San Jose’s THE LIMOUSINES.  Check out the band’s Q&A with Aaron Axelsen.

2010 was truly a  remarkable yet whirlwindish year for San Jose’s favorite  electro-synthpoppers THE LIMOUSINES, accented by stints at BFD 2010 @ Shoreline, SPOOKFEST @ Cow Palace, club NSSN @ Mezzanine, sold out club shows, support dates with WEEZER and landing a record label deal with indie juggernaut DANGERBIRD RECORDS! (home to SILVERSUN PICKUPS)

A local band that we proudly first aired demo’s from on RADIO SOUNDCHECK back in November 2008, I recently sat down with Eric and Giovanni of The Limo’s for a quick Live 105 Q & A:

AA: how does it feel to a member of one of the hottest IF not hottest new Bay Area acts right now? :)

ERIC: It’s a big joke, the whole thing. I mean we’re doing what we’d be doing, with or without all the attention and hype – it’s just crazy how there’s always the next thing to do – when we wrote very busy people we weren’t really very busy… Now it’s different

GIO: We’re hot?! Rad.

AA:    when did the Limousines officially consummate and tell us a little about how you two met?
GIO: While Eric was on tour and I was making hip hop based beats out of a hoarder-looking bedroom at my moms house, a tech of Erics showed him my Jay-Z remix album. I remixed Jay-Z’s black album and called it “The Bloody Album” Eric heard it and was put in contact with me. We basically met over the internet. Before our in-person meeting, I would send little blippy, chop heavy, pale sounding electronic stuff to Eric and he’d send back some amazing lyrics and vocal melody stuff over top of it. All through e-mail and Ichat. We threw up a Myspace page (which was called “The Panic Room” at first but switched the name soon after) and let our songs be downloaded for free. In the bio of the Myspace page, Eric put my name as GINO instead of GIO… That’s how much we really didn’t know one another. HA! I think the first time we actually physically met was probably a year since we were introduced to each others music at that same techs studio in Oakland. We recorded a song called ’1998′ released way later down the road on our Scrapbook EP.
AA: congratulations with just inking a deal with the uber cool indie label Dangerbird Records, home to Silversun Pickups, Eulogies, Sea Wolf and Hot Hot Heat! I know you guys were heavily pursued by several major labels, tell us why you chose Dangerbird?
ERIC: It’s a company full of people who think like we do about the business, should be a lot of fun.
GIO: The label rush was a lot to take at times. We’d sit in a big conference room with record label people telling us how dope we were. A lot of stroke-off sessions but no action behind them. I’ve always been a big fan of Dangerbird and their roster. When I heard they wanted us, I squeeked a little. They’re like a head above the crowd and eight rows in front of the others.
AA: if one only had $10.53 in their wallet and were hanging out in San Jose on a Saturday night, what fun activities or places to go would you recommend?
ERIC:  There are some massage places in japan town that might be under ten bucks or you could take a bus to the mall.
GIO: I’d say grab some amazing Pho at “COM TAM THANH” restaurant. Off Fruitdale Ave and S Bascom. Think you have just enough for the worlds best egg rolls too. I dream of these things nightly.
AA: what are your top 3 favorite moments that have occurred at some of your legendary San Jose house parties? (and that doesn’t involve Menace)
GIO: Haha, great question. So my parties have people talking? That’s rad. Man, there’s a lot now that I think of it.
1. We had a big dance party in that garage, with our lights we use to perform flashing everywhere. There are these dinner plates I have that I absolutely despise. I took one into the garage with everyone and just broke it on the ground. Next thing I know, Everyone swarmed our kitchen and starting breaking these plates in the garage yelling “OPA!”. It was like a dance off/greek dinner. Everything but the clean up was amazing. I still find chunks of plates in the garage.
2. There is a youtube video made that helps me control my drinking from now on called “hurricane nicky chuck” where I’m so drunk at our party I dont remember anything. It involves a baseball bat and me falling on the ground every 5 seconds. You can look it up for yourself. definitely memorable.
3. We had a Beetlejuiced themed party which was authentic even down to the silverwear and horsd’oeuvres. Everyone dressed up awesome. My girlfriend made a shrunken head safari guy sitting on the couch. We made 90′s mod art sculptures sitting on the backyard. I dressed up like a SANDWORM!
AA: if you could put together a music festival, with The Limo’s playing of course, what 7 other bands would you book
GIO: Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Kanye West, LCD Soundsystem, Lady Gaga, Paul Simon, The Dave Brubeck Quartet
AA: tell us a little insight into the making of the video for INTERNET KILLED THE VIDEO STAR! (i.e. where it was filmed, who were the spooky zombies and characters in the video, and any funny stories that occurred during its filming)
GIO: Beside the street scenes, It was filmed all in one location. Drew Roulette from DREDG’s property in Los Gatos.
ALL of the zombies were friends of mine and Erics. I had my two little nieces in the video and all of my roommates. It was so amazing to see them all helping and dressed up dead. I took my best friend Kyle would is the first close up zombie you see in the video for a drive in the zombie killer station wagon to go get gas and the looks of fear and confusion on peoples faces was priceless. I also drove around with my brother-in-law on the hood of the station wagon acting dead. I think Eric also hand-fed a dear popcorn while filming.

THE LIMO'S play popscene @ Rickshaw on Thursday, Feb 3 to celebrate inking with Dangerbird Records! (w/DJs Aaron Axelsen and Miles The DJ)

AA: how has your live show evolved with the addition of a LIVE drummer and tell us a little bit about your connection with DREDG
GIO: Our first show was opening for DREDG at The Great American Music Hall in SF. We had a drummer starting out and playing that show. Then we broke it down to just us up there and it worked awesome, Especially the smaller, sweatier club type shows. Hard to fill out a big festival stage with just us to but we manage. We’ve been using a drummer recently and it’s great.
AA: if we were to dissect Giovanni’s ipod right give us an example of what we might find? (10 artists)
GIO: You’d find a huge range of stuff. Astrud Gilberto, Daft Punk, Cut Copy, Chromeo, Talking Heads, Beirut, Kid Sister, The Presets, Delorean, Bat For Lashes, Holy Ghost.
AA: i hear Rivers Cuomo is a big fan of the Limo’s now… tell us a bit about some of your experiences with touring with WEEZER!
ERIC: Those guys are all super cool. They’re fucking huge! It’s weird getting asked to play those shows, like “who, us? Ok!”
GIO: They have some die-hard fans and we gained some new fans now. Super fun playing with them!
AA: what are some of your future plans for THE LIMOUSINES in 2011?
GIO: Make more songs about masturbating, play some Call of Duty then take a nap… all while also taking over the world.
final fun fact: what do me, Giovanni and future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson all have in common? (besides all once being the proud owner of a mullet?) 
Answer: we’re all from the jewel of the East Bay LIVERMORE, CA!
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