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Chromeo Kills At The Fox Theater

10 chromeo Chromeo Kills At The Fox TheaterChromeo was killing it at their sold out show at the Fox Theater Oakland last night and I am about to tell you why. They were on the last leg of their 2011 Risky Business Tour. If you have never heard of Chromeo you need to know quick. Luckily the appropriate links are included below.

Needy Girl (2004)

Fancy Footwork (2007)

Don’t Turn The Lights On (2010)

 The self described, “Only successful Jewish/Arab partnership since the dawn of human culture,” duo were childhood friends that hail from Montreal, Canada.

Chromeo blew up in 2004 when their single “Needy Girl” became a worldwide club hit. But they did not enter the mainstream until they released Fancy Footwork in 2007. Their latest full length studio album is Business Casual which came out last year. You may have heard some of the tracks spun on Live105’s Subsonic and Soundcheck.

Now that you are all caught up, opening for the group were The Suzan (Tokyo) and MNDR (NYC).

The Suzan is an adorable foursome of short, stocky Japanese girls who can play all of their own instruments and helped the sound crew clean up after they finished. I can not understand half of what they are singing but their style is a combination of rockabilly and far eastern musical influences that is both danceable and unique. I recommend checking them out.

MNDR (“Mandar”) is a local duo consisting of Amanda Warner and Pete Wade out of New York by way of Oakland. Warner spent nine years living in Oakland at one point when she met Wade. You may know them best from the Mark Ronson track “Bang Bang Bang” featuring MNDR. She was thrilled to be playing the Fox and mentioned that she used to sneak into the building when it was abandoned. They produce electronic synthpop that is hard and fast. Check it out!

Chromeo sold out the house and on top of that they put on a phenomenal live show.

chromeo 016 Chromeo Kills At The Fox Theater

 They don’t do that thing where you have to wait around for the band to play all your favorite songs at the end - pretty soon your drink is empty and you’re like, “Oh, should I go to the bar for a refill and risk losing the spot I staked out where I can actually see the stage?” because all of their songs are best songs.

Sure they ended with “Needy Girl” but that was okay because the set started with “Hot Mess” Everyone in the theater was dancing from where I was on the floor to up in the balcony seating. A good time was had by all.

“Now show me what you got in terms of fancy footwork!” Chromeo, “Fancy Footwork”, Fancy Footwork , 2007.

by Elizabeth de Moya


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