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From Hendrix To Social Distortion: Ten Covers That Are Better Than The Originals

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit (Simone Joyner/Getty Images)

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit (Simone Joyner/Getty Images)

I’m fully aware that I’m going to get slammed for this. That for every song on this list, someone will say, “SACRILEGE! THE ORIGINAL IS UNTOUCHABLE!” I give you this knowing that’s going to happen.

I also know that without the original, the cover wouldn’t exist. That, however, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather hear the cover.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Limp Bizkit[/lastfm] covers [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Who[/lastfm]’s “Behind Blue Eyes”

Every time I tell someone I like this version better, a little part of them likes me a lot less. I’m sorry, at least I’m honest.

  • james hell

    Linkin Park covers NIN’s “Wish”
    This should be on the list.

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