Kevin & Bean Can’t Tell The Green Day Guys Apart???

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greenday official 2010 Kevin & Bean Cant Tell The Green Day Guys Apart???

We’ve all had cases of mistaken identity. Sometimes you’ll see a celebrity out in public, but you can’t place the name. Other times, you think you know who it is, but you’re wrong.

Kevin & Bean have been in this business a while now, and have interacted with the guys from [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Green Day[/lastfm] numerous times. So based on this alone, and the fact that they’re a huge band that’s been around forever, you’d think they knew who was who, right? WRONG!

43 Kevin & Bean Cant Tell The Green Day Guys Apart???

Kevin & Bean's Breakfast With Green Day

To preface the story, Kevin & Bean had a hectic weekend a couple weeks ago with having to be at the KROQ Weenie Roast and Live 105’s BFD concert all in the same weekend.

They guys were here in San Francisco for BFD when they saw one of the guys from Green Day backstage. Which one, you might ask? Hell if they knew! They just knew it wasn’t Billie Joe Armstrong, so they had a 50/50 chance at guessing whether it was Mike Dirnt (bass player) or Tre Cool (drummer).

The unknown Green Day member clearly knew who Kevin & Bean were, so rather than create an awkward conversation, they avoided said band member for as long as possible. (I don’t know why a simple, “Hey man! How’s it going?” wouldn’t have worked, but I’ve stopped questioning Kevin & Bean’s actions.)

It wasn’t until Live 105’s Program Director went over to introduce himself, and Kevin & Bean were within earshot, that they figured out that it was Mike Dirnt. Well done, boys!

img 0031 Kevin & Bean Cant Tell The Green Day Guys Apart???

Our listeners had some awkward celebrity run ins of their own. Check out the audio to hear the stories. Did you fail on a colossal level too? Please share. We enjoy mocking.

~Post written by Staff Writer Casey Oliver~

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