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New Paramore Music!

We’ve all been enjoying the latest Paramore single ‘Monster‘ on LIVE 105 and it looks like the band has been busy writing new music.  Find out more here.

According to an article on singer Hayley Williams said: “We have written four new songs and they are quite diverse. There are some heavier songs, but there’s also one that we plan to play live soon that is called ‘In The Morning Mess’.”

On the subject of ‘Monster’ she added: “I can’t really say that ‘Monster’ is an indication of what to expect on the next Paramore album. We, as a band, will always try to evolve and try new things. It will be different for sure, but it will still keep Paramore’s essence.”

Williams also said the band has no plans of replacing the Farro brothers, who abruptly left the band in December, and the band will remain herself, Taylor York (guitar) and Jeremy Davis (bass).

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