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Kim Kardashian Wedding Cost

kimk1 Kim Kardashian Wedding Cost

Kim Kardashian

I woke up this morning to hear reports that Kim Kardashian’s wedding will cost upwards of $20 million. So, I thought I would have fun with that number and break down some things you could buy/do with all that money. Enjoy.

You could buy 1,300 Honda Civic’s

You could buy 6,666,666 Big Mac’s

You could buy 100,000 iphones

You could fly from San Francisco to New York 50,000 times.

You could buy World’s Biggest Flat Screen TV that’s 152 inch’s 200 times.

You could buy 1,000,000 pairs of Vans.

You could rent a studio apartment in San Francisco for 1,666 years.

You can take a limo from Los Angeles CA, to the State of Maine 2,403 times

You can fly into space 80 times on Virgin Galactic

You could buy 6,153 Rolex watches


One Comment

  1. Pia says:

    Last time I bought vans (five years ago), they were $40.

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