Top 10 Drinking Games


A group of people sit in a circle and one person is designated the dealer. The dealer goes around the circle and each person has to guess the card (one person at a time). The guesser has two chances to guess the correct card. If they are wrong the first time, the dealer tells them whether the actual card is higher or lower. If the guesser is wrong, they have to drink the difference between their guess and the actual card. Let’s say the actual card is a 10 and the person guessed an 8, the guesser has to drink twice. Now, if the person guesses correctly the first time, the dealer has to drink 10, and if they guess the second time, then the dealer has to drink 5 times.

The dealer can only stop being the dealer after three people in a row are wrong. The cards get laid out on a table in order so everyone can see what has already been played and kind of guess what the next card will be. After all four of a card is laid, those get turned over. The entire process continues until the cards run out. Toward the end of the game, it is easier to guess and the dealer drinks more, hence, screw the dealer. – Dupyup


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