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VIDEO: Foo Fighters…Showering Together

In a promotional video for their upcoming tour, the Foo Fighters get a little touchy, feely while dressed as truckers…in a shower. Really.

I don’t have many words to explain this but here you go:


Foo Fighters will hit the Oracle Arena in Oakland on October 19.

  • live 105 fan

    Dave explained today on an interveiw I saw that he wrote the idea, and directed this video and that it is their very own butts in the vid. He said when he was younger they used to be in truck stops at night or in the am while they toured, and he noticed that they had showers in truck stops where the biggest burliest truckers would take a number and then take a shower in the truck stop.

    He just always thought it would have been funny if he and his bandmates also had used the showers and truckers would come in and see them in the shower.. ( maybe even singing). He thought by putting their real butts in it, it would attract media attention.

    I did not realize that the foos self produce and self distribute their music. ( at least that is what he said).. very interesting indeed. Now that I get the story I think the vid is funny.. :)

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