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Aveneged Sevenfold Cancel Last Night’s Mt. View Uproar Performance

The Uproar Festival took place at the Shoreline in Mountain View tonight, but headliners Avenged Sevenfold did not play.

It has been reported that Avenged Sevenfold would not be playing tonight due to an illness in the band. Singer M. Shadows is suffering from a throat issue.  The rest of the bands on tonight’s lineup played an extended set.

Click NEXT to see when the band will play a make up show.

  • tc

    I was there, and at the start they were still scheduled to play, so Escape The Fate included them in “what’s coming-up later” chat during their opening gig. Long delay between them leaving the stage and the announcement by gig-event coordinator.

    My comments :- 1) They didn’t realize until an hour into the show that Matt’s throat was bad enough for him to not be able to sing that night ?
    2) If they were there, why couldn’t Syn come out & explain to us all ? If they weren’t there then they had no intention of playing that night & we should’ve been told.
    3) How can they say for sure, Friday night, that he’ll be OK for Vegas the next night ?

    Just my thoughts. Disappointed.

  • laura via

    I took a day off work, drove 2 hours, paid over $400 for tickets just to see Avenged Sevenfold who canceled at the last minute. Very disapointed! I had great seats at the Shoreline who will be closing for the season after today. I hope the replacement venue will have comprable seating..bunch of crap if you asked me!

  • Maria

    I paid 200for for tickets and 230 for the meet n greet I never got im pissed for sure and im even more mad they played Vegas the next day. Truthfully they all owe us fans an apology

  • Cody

    Really?!?!?!?! Get over it! I would rather Matt not sing for you guys then do further damage. He is an amazing singer and any true fan woud rather not see them at all then Matt never sing again!!!! They will make it up to you guys, they always do!

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