Aymi Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 11/14/2011

aymisuicide3 Aymi Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 11/14/2011

Meet our friends the Suicide Girls! We teamed up with SuicideGirls.com to give you daily bios and photos of some of your favorite ladies on the net! Enjoy!

occupation: Student

body mods: Horizontal hood piercing, Banana piercing, tongue piercing.

gets me hot: Danger.

favorite position: All of them.

fantasy: Characters.

most humbling moment: What is humbling? haha.

i lost my virginity: In a disco.

aymisuicide4 Aymi Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 11/14/2011


MY DIET: Omnivore

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

I AM LOOKING FOR: someone exotic

MY KINK FACTOR: I’ll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

MY POLITICS: Bleeding-heart Liberal

MY STATUS: single

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.

I WANT: Booty, Friendship, Online Flirting

MY PIGEONHOLES: I defy categories

aymisuicide Aymi Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 11/14/2011

into: Beautiful boys, Parties, Clothes, Brights colors, Accesories, Music, Architecture, Design, Technology, Fashion, Bycicle, Perfumes & Good food.

not into: Boring people.

makes me happy: Music.

makes me sad: I’m always happy.

hobbies: Dancing (naked), Swimming (naked), Listening music, Jumping, Dressing, Doing Yoga.

5 things i can’t live without: Make-up, Music, Internet, Pictures, Fashion.

vices: Sexy people, Pics.

thoughts on sg: I love it

i spend most of my free time: Internet.

aymisuicide5 Aymi Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 11/14/2011


  1. Portishead
  2. Calle 13
  3. Paris Combo
  4. Rammstein
  5. Asteroids Galaxy tour
  6. Amy WInehouse
  7. Crystal Castles
  8. Radiohead
  9. M.I.A
  10. Babyshambles


  1. The naked gun
  2. Tenacious D; The pick of destiny
  3. Eraserhead
  4. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  5. Black cat, white cat
  6. Mullohan drive
  7. The concert
  8. Nacho libre
  9. School of Rock
  10. Life of Brian

One Comment

  1. Colin says:

    3 piercings is all it takes to be a suicide girl now?!?! WHAT THE HELL???? Where are the tatts? What happened to being an off-beat-beauty? She looks like a maxim model. SUPER LAME.

    1. No Colin, that is super-awesome.

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