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1. The Limousines – San Francisco


ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…. we give you Live 105’s #1 Bay Area band of 2011: THE LIMOUSINES! its been a rewarding experience for me watching this San Jose electro-pop duo exponentially grow from a freshly conceived new project a few years ago to becoming one of Northern California’s best homegrown products. 2011 was quite a banner year for Eric and Gio, too, as they successfully toured the country supporting Sweden’s THE SOUNDS, sold-out countless clubs and continued to bolster an aesthetic and brand that is now adored by thousands of hardcore fans. also, on the impressive Limo’s resume would be 3 BFD performances and two bona-fide Bay Area radio smashes on Live 105 with Internet Killed The Video Star and Very Busy People. in 2012 The Limo’s embark on their first ever European tour and prepare to release a new video for The Future, which will be the 3rd single of their GET SHARP debut album (released on indie label Dangerbird Records and label mates with Silversun Pickups)

Upcoming show: January 19th @ The Independent

  • Barb Rocks

    Good list though bummed Pounders didn’t make it.

  • Stephen

    No love for Pounders or The Relay Company huh… damn. Seems odd, when TRC won alot of those “best of the south bay, best of the bay, polls” that you guys had going a few months ago… Good list though. Limousines are definitely killin’ it right now.

  • Sam Smith

    The Parade of Santa Clara, California! They Should be on this list! :]

  • Jean

    Agree! Its a good list, all this bands and some of them are really interesting new bands. Personally I think New Diplomat is the one that is a step ahead because they are mixing a power trio rock formation with synthesizers/computers and samplers. That makes them different in my opinion. There are not too many bands at this moment that can offer that kind of sound live. Good job guys. Its always a pleasure to find a band with a non conventional sound.
    I saw you guys at the Rickshaw stop and you guys Freaking kill it!!!

  • Ry

    My request would be for Live 105 to use it’s HD 2 signal to play local and other indie bands that don’t get played much on the primary side. Using it for Classic Live 105 is pointless. Everyone has the Cure’s (et al) records already. Let’s hear the new stuff!!!

  • Ray

    The hypnotic sound of Seeking Empire. KEEP ROCKING NIKI, WE GOT YOUR BACK ON GUAM!!!!!!

  • Gabriel

    My mom made one of these for my daughter for her 3rd biartdhy. So cute and clever! She loves it so much more than her actual memory game.

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