The Worst Super Bowl Halftime Performances EVER

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There’s plenty of hype (both good & bad) around this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, which will feature Madonna, M.I.A., and more this Sunday. Whether that performance will be anything worth talking about is yet to be seen, but these prior halftime performances certainly were, and not for the best reasons.

Many of you will be using this Sunday’s halftime show as a break in action to eat and drink more before the start of the 2nd half, but plenty of people will be locked to their screens to see what Madonna has up her sleeve for this year’s performance.

Hopefully it’ll be better than these past halftime gigs.

5. Super Bowl XXVI (1992) – Gloria Estefan, Dorothy Hammil, & Brian Boitano

“Quoth NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue at this video’s cold open: ‘Enjoy the halftime show that follows, it says a lot about all of you.’ 1992, the year before MJ would change the halftime game forever more, not coincidentally the nadir of halftime history. This show was the perfect reflection of the time when budget went entirely to procuring preposterous props and producers stiff-armed any creative director with redeemable vision. Instead there were snowflakes on the 30 yard lines with the circumference of flapjacks for Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hammil to perform their quadruple Lundys, or whatever, on sheets of Teflon and ridiculous outfits on uncoordinated people who were I think dancing?” – Stereogum

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