Elvera Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 2/06/2012

elvera3 Elvera Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 2/06/2012

Meet our friends the Suicide Girls! We teamed up with SuicideGirls.com to give you daily bios and photos of some of your favorite ladies on the net. Enjoy!

occupation: yogini. and i work at American Eagle

current crush: my bubby, my babylove, my sunshine, my everything, my husband Matthew.

stats: 5’4″ 110 lbs

body mods: 7 ear piercings, starting to gauge the bottom, a belly ring, 1 Hebrew tattoo and a huge calla Lilly on my side. the rests are secrets!!

into: I enjoy sewing. i also love to crochet. im learning to knit but it’s hard. i guess im just into crafts. and i really love to be in costume. i LOVE making my own costumes. for halloween, the bedroom, or just to be festive. i love it. i also have amazing pets. 2 doggies, one kitty and my ball python. I love the outdoors more tha anything. Hiking is something I love doing. I also love riding dirt bikes and playing cards.

not into: gossip. every time i think ive met a potential friend they start talking [ish] about someone and it’s a deal breaker. probably why i have few friends and fewer enemies. im also not into cell phones. i have a phone but i rarely answer or even look at it. i have an awesome phone! droid! but i just dont like phones. ha and im not into drugs. i hate drugs.

elvera2 Elvera Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 2/06/2012

makes me happy: i love sex. having sex. talking about sex. watching sex. sneaking sex. i mean of course im off the market but that makes my hubby one lucky guy! im always in the mood and im faithful! haha speaking of that little gem, he also brightens my day. My bubby, my babylove, my sunshine, my jack, my thing 1, my MATTHEW. And not to be forgotten, my daughter is the light of my life. Bear my rottweiler german shepard mix is also amazing. hes a huge dog but hes just a big ole baby. Christmas lights, pokemon, gaming, READING, painting, yoga, comic books, HIM, chocolate, and SEX make me happy! haha

makes me sad: deployment.

hobbies: i love renovating our home, crafting (think ive said that enough), hiking in the mountains and traveling with my soldier hubby! since the army sends us all over creation, i love to scrapbook our jouneys!

5 things i can’t live without: my family.

vices: since i have known my husband i have started swearing a shit ton more than i used too! i like bringing edible items in the bedroom, not to mention a camera and other toys. 😉 i eat oatmeal about 6 times a day and im a worry wart.

thoughts on sg: I love it

i spend most of my free time: outside with my dog procrastinating the things im really supposed to be doing.

elvera Elvera Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 2/06/2012

tv shows:

  1. law and order SVU
  2. toddlers in tiaras
  3. tudors
  4. intervention
  5. hoarders
  6. histories mysteries
  7. that 70s show
  8. family guy

Video Games:

  1. sims 3
  2. oblivion
  3. wii bowling
  4. American Idol
  5. donkey kong 64
  6. 007 (64)
  7. tank (64)
  8. DDR
  9. animal crossing
  10. zelda

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