AnnaLee Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 2/28/2012

annalee3 AnnaLee Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 2/28/2012

Meet our friends the Suicide Girls! We teamed up with to give you daily bios and photos of some of your favorite ladies on the net. Enjoy!

heroes: Volunteer a little of your time for someone who needs it. Let people live in peace. Be kind. Make someone happy. My grandpa.

fantasy: A responsible world. For all living things to have a fair chance at life. An end to prejudice and greed. My family to be happy. To live by the sea and grow all my own food and be in peace away from most people. Visit Russia, India and Japan and everywhere in between but always have a nest to come back to. That’s not much to ask for right?!

sign: The bull

5 things i can’t live without: A book, a quiet place, fresh air, hot tea and of course music.

vices: Book buying, but that’s probably not too unhealthy… I am also addicted to expensive chocolate, that is ever so slightly unhealthy.

thoughts on sg: I like it

i spend most of my free time: In a book.


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