Kieve Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 3/05/2012

kieve3 Kieve Suicide ~ Suicide Girl Of The Day 3/05/2012

Meet our friends the Suicide Girls! We teamed up with to give you daily bios and photos of some of your favorite ladies on the net. Enjoy!

occupation: Student & stylist

heroes: Frida Kahlo

gets me hot: Intelligence

MY DIET: Omnivore

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: A long, slow, late dinner with friends.

MY PIGEONHOLES: I defy categories

into: Make up, hairstyle, talk,read comics, eat good food, laugh, sleep, play dc universe, BATMAN, Politics, memes, dogs.

makes me happy: Food, music, tattoos, sleep, travel, batman.

makes me sad: Stupid people :c hurt animals.

hobbies: Read, write, batman, dye hair lol

5 things i can’t live without: Pizza, coca-cola, sleep, laugh.

thoughts on sg: I love it


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