Miles The DJ Talks To “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Photo: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

Growing up, I was a HUGE wrestling fan. Huge. I was probably just as passionate about it from 1992-1999ish than I am today about music and DJing.  I don’t know why… I just was.  Back then, all I cared about was coming home from school on a Monday and watching Raw.  Specifically, I wanted to see “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  That guy ruled.  I got the chance to interview him today and it was really fun talking about his run at WWF (or, I guess WWE now).  We discussed the adrenaline he got while performing in front of 20,000 people, his greatest matches, the “Stone Cold” character and the moment when he knew he was THE MAN.  I could have done this for hours.  Austin is starring in a new movie called “Recoil” which is out now on Blu-Ray and DVD.


!!!!BONUS VIDEO!!!! That’s me in the basketball jersey at the 4:15 mark.  I was 14.  Pretty embarrassing, but whatever.

Click Here to see “Recoil” on Amazon.

-Miles The DJ
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