Top 10 Underdog Films

5. Shoot ‘Em Up – Budget: $39 Million, Box Office Earnings: $26.8 million

If I were to make a list of the best comedies ever made, this would probably be in the Top 5. I’m serious. This film is so over the top with its action and corny one-liners that I find it impossible not to laugh. The key to enjoying this 2007 gem is not taking it at face value, which is probably why this film failed at the box office. In one view, it’s a really bad over the top action film that couldn’t write a good line to save its life. In another, it’s a genius comedy that totally understands laughable action cliches. But for those who doubt its humor, do you really think any film is trying to be serious when it opens with Clive Owen killing a henchman with a carrot?


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