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The Hives On Their Music, “Everything Sucks Basically”

Most people remember the Hives form their 2000 hit, “Hate To Say I Told You So,” but the band is due to release a new album called Lex Hives on June 5th on their own label, Disque Hives.

The band told KROQ’s Stryker that they spend three years touring and two years making an album since the release of their 2007 album The Black And White Album. They’ve also worked with Timbaland and their “very good friend” Josh Homme.

When asked why it took so long, Almqvist said, “It’s pretty fast considering it takes millions of years to make a diamond. For gold, maybe you won’t find as much. You have to gather your gold to put on an album.”

The quirky band is also really picky when it comes to the way their music sounds, which is reflected in their new music like single, “Go Right Ahead!”

“It’s the five of us,” said the Hives when asked who’s the pickiest. “It’s horrible. It’s everybody. I guess we got better at it in the latter years, but it’s not really a forgiving environment to be in: making music with the Hives. Everything sucks basically. You basically record four hundred demos and you like two.”

Rolling Stone also stopped by the KROQ Coachella House and the Hives told them that they will be performing four new songs– the ones that didn’t suck–at their Coachella set including “Come On, “Wait A Minute” and “Go Right Ahead.”

The band–who has been together for almost two decades—voiced their discontent with bands reuniting, especially just for festivals.

“It’s sad when we see other bands at festivals who just look back to their good old days,” elaborated Almqvist. “What’s the point of that? Each record has to be better than your last, surely?”


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