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Tupac’s Hologram Is Now On Twitter

142964552 Tupacs Hologram Is Now On TwitterTupac Shakur‘s return from the great beyond via hologram at Coachella has been taking the world by storm with polarizing results. There’s one person we haven’t heard from and that’s Tupac‘s hologram. Luckily, he has a Twitter to keep you up to date on all his recent adventures in life. Minutes after that epic Coachella performance, Tupac’s Hologram‘s Twitter account was started, letting the world know what it’s truly like to be a hologram in this modern day and age. Hologram Tupac spits off knowledge by the buttload on us followers, with such wisdom as “so many digital haters. Only Tron can judge me.”

You all know you want to be up to date on Tupac’s whereabouts, such as his intent to audition in the next Grand Theft Auto or his attempt to look for housing in Watts. You can follow Hologram Tupac right here to be up to date on all his whereabouts, but be forewarned that the language is NSFW. You gonna follow? Let us know in the comments below.


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