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What Is ‘Fifty Shades Of Gray?’

142869935 What Is Fifty Shades Of Gray?

Getty Images (Photo credit VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

There are murmurs of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ floating around, but what exactly is it?

At first we thought it was a song. Then a TV show.

Turns out it’s an erotic fiction novel that originally evolved out of a Twilight fanfiction. It’s been dubbed “mommy porn,” per the article at The Daily Beast, which might be a new literary category one might find at a few remaining bookstores in the near future. But don’t get confused, it’s not Twilight fanfiction, it’s more S&M bondage-y among college-age characters. The “Grey” comes from the male protagonist, Christian Grey. So, there you go, the book in a tiny nutshell.

And, of course, what’s pumping the hype about this novel is that it’s been bought by Hollywood to become a movie. According to Deadline.com, the rites to the book’s film adaptation has been sold to Universal Pictures and Focus Features.

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