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Givers On Misunderstood Lyrics To ‘Up Up Up,’ ‘It’s Whatever You Need It To Be’

The Givers are truly that. Nothing is held back on stage. After expending what appeared to be several lives worth of musical energy on the KROQ Coachella House stage, the foursome hopped down for a cheerful afternoon interview.

“I feel like I’m in an oven, rather than a slow cooker,” starts off frontman Taylor Guarisco. The band from Louisiana are no strangers to high temps, but the dry desert heat is not something they were prepared for. Yet their youthful enthusiasm supersedes their bodies’ desire for a cooler climate.

Givers had the recent fortune of having their single “Up Up Up” covered by the cast of Glee. KROQ’s Kat Corbett inquires, “How does that happen? What goes on when you get that phone call?”

“I think I saw the Facebook post before I got a phone call. That was probably the biggest honor we’ve gotten.” responds bassist Josh LeBlanc.

“There’s a website that posted lyrics for “Up Up Up” and one of the lines is ‘Get yourself some land with your old man,’ and I think all these people have been going to this website to find lyrics and the lyrics should be ‘Get yourself aligned with your mind.'” Amused, Kat responds, “That has nothing to do with land and a man!”

“It’s whatever you need it to be. If the kids need some land with a man, then get the land with the old man,” chirps Guarisco.

[metrolyrics artist=”givers” song=”Up Up Up”]

The new Givers album, In Light on Glassnote Records is now available on iTunes.

–Jay Tilles, CBS Local

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