Ultimate Dubstep Poll: Skrillex Vs. Bassnectar [Vote Now!]

BREAKING NEWS: dubstep has officially infiltrated the mainstream. From bro-step frat parties on every college campus across this great nation, to the very likelihood that your 12-year old sister and her friends are dancing around to Kidz Bopstep Vol.2 as I type, dubstep is quite simply everywhere.

So, being long supporters and champions of this underground EDM sub-genre on our long-running electronic show SUBSONIC, and being the only commercial radio station in America with its very own dubstep show –WOBBLE WEDNESDAY’S– we decided to ask poll our trusty LIVE 105 listeners and settle this age old question once and for all….

Who Do You Like Better Between These two Titans Of Dubstep:  the multi-Grammy winning and former emo-rocker turned knob-twiddler SKRILLEX or Bay Area hero and basshead progenitor who has gone from playing small underground parties to selling out mini-arenas BASSNECTAR?


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