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Tenacious D Perform ‘Roadie’ From New Album, Jack Black Calls It ‘The Best Album Of Its Time’

[pullquote quote=”It feels very good to have a masterpiece on our hands again.” credit=”Jack Black”]Tenacious D – the sinister duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass – will be releasing their first album in six years on Tuesday, May 15th. According to the band’s website Rize of the Fenix was “recorded down and dirty in a friend’s garage with a shoestring budget of $600, much like Nirvana’s first album Bleach – or the Beatles first album Help. Rough, and yet a masterpiece.”

Earlier this morning, the duo stopped by KROQ, Los Angeles to discuss the new album and play a few licks. “It’s great to have a fresh offering,” said Jack Black. “It feels very good to have a masterpiece on our hands again. It’s been six years. We worked very hard, nose to the grindstone in a little shack in Mexico that we rented.”

“We never came out, never saw sunlight – unless I had to do a big cheesy movie – and then I would come right back to the shack and work with Cage (Kyle Gass) tirelessly,” Black continued. “Finally we dug deep enough that we were like ‘this is awesome!'”

“I like doing the side things too, but the D has always been the main course, the main source of inspiration. That is my main identity. All things spring from D,” adds Black. “We wait and it builds up ’til it’s the best album of its time.”

Tenacious D – “Roadie”

[pullquote quote=”We went into a deep depression, but then we decided ‘No. F that. This thing will not kill us.'” credit=”Jack Black – Tenacious D”]When asked about the new album and first single “Rize Of The Fenix,” Black explained, Rize of the Fenix is the theme of the album. It’s the title track and it’s all about how our last album Pick Of Destiny was critically maligned, if you will. It got horrible reviews, it didn’t sell very well. It was a misunderstood masterpiece. We went into a deep depression, but then we decided ‘No. F that. This thing will not kill us. We will come back stronger, like the phoenix. It’s a lot like life…this song.”

Check out the Funny Or Die video of “Roadie” featuring Danny McBride here.

Tenacious D’s Rize Of The Fenix destroys store shelves Tuesday, May 15th.

Pre-order available now:





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-Cody Black, CBS Radio Los Angeles / Jay Tilles, CBS Local

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