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Rockage Returns To San Jose!

Rockage 2.0 is back and this year proves to be much bigger!  This festival is an amazing merge of retro gaming and independent music featuring local favorites  like Shinobu, Garboots, and San Francesca.  In addition to live music, there’s panels on everything from chiptune music to roller derby and free game play of classic arcade hits.

Each day of the three-day festival features a slew of chip tune and live bands performing original songs and live covers of famous (and infamous) video game scores. They come from  from all over the U.S. like crashfaster, Minibosses and Bit Brigade performing Contra, Mega Man 2, and Castlevania!

Best part, tickets for all three days are $30!  For tickets and the full line up HERE.  Don’t miss this truly unique festival in the heart of Silicon Valley.


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