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Not Fade Away: Re-evaluating Metallica’s ‘St. Anger,’ 10 Years Later

In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades – some iconic, some lesser known – as they celebrate significant anniversaries. Here, we take a look at Metallica‘s polarizing “St. Anger,” originally released June 5, 2003. 

For years, it had been impossible to separate Metallica’s St. Anger from Some Kind Of Monster, the documentary that was planned at a behind-the -scenes look at the making of the album but ultimately told the story of the band’s near implosion and subsequent rebirth. Those who thought the band were greedy, Napster-fighting rock stars were given more fuel for their arguments, what with the scenes of Lars Ulrich selling his collection of paintings for millions, and the band hiring a therapist to help keep them together (and who, shortly after suggesting lyrics to songs, had to be relived of his duties when he got a bit too attached to the band). Coming after years of singles with strong radio play, St. Anger had none.

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