Not So Silent Night 2013 Featured Artist: Arcade Fire

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LIVE 105's annual Holiday concert!
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(Photo: Guy Aroch)

(Photo: Guy Aroch)

A few quick thoughts by Miles the DJ about Arcade Fire:

During my first two years at LIVE 105 we ran a weekly new music program called “Fast Forward”. On one faithful Wednesday in September 2004, local indie hero John Vanderslice was a guest on the show and he played a song titled “Neighborhood #2 (Laika)” by a new Montreal band named Arcade Fire. My mind was blown.

About a week later, Merge Records mailed us a copy of their debut full-length: the now classic Funeral. My mind remained blown.

We immediately added “Rebellion (Lies)” to our playlist and before we knew it Arcade Fire announced their first Bay Area show to take place on December 8, 2004 at Bottom of the Hill. Yes. Arcade Fire once played Bottom of the Hill. I’m sure every time anybody who attended that concert still walks into that venue snickering a little to them selves. I know I do. I mean… It was historic! The greatest band of all time playing in one of the greatest rooms ever! How did they all fit onto that stage? I barely remember. But, Arcade Fire at BOTTOM OF THE HILL?? For like, 10 bucks? Insane.

As great as that night was, it wasn’t until the following month when the band sold out three nights at Great American Music Hall where I knew this was a game changing type of music-makers. The lights, the passion, the sounds, the flashlights during “Neighborhood #4 (Power Out)”… Everything about those nights was utterly magical. FUN FACT: Audio from those concerts were used as a B-Side to the “Rebellion (Lies)” 7 inch.

That was a great year for LIVE 105 and Arcade Fire. Their sets at The Warfield, Download Festival and (particularly) Coachella convinced me that I have a new favorite band, while “Rebellion (Lies)” ended up being one of our 10 most plays tracks of 2005.

Actually, come to think of it… their Coachella 2005 performance was one of my all time favorite things to happen ever. The set started with an audience of a few thousand to about 50,000 people.

I imagine the task of following up Funeral wasn’t easy, but they succeeded with (the highly underrated) Neon Bible and the Grammy Award winning The Suburbs. Songs like “Wake Up”, “Keep the Car Running” and “We Used to Wait” became staples on our airwaves.

If you’d like to get a vibe of how much I love this group skip ahead to 40min and 20sec into this video. I’m the guy in glasses looking like I’m watching Slayer.

With every album comes a new sound, a new theme and a new chapter in Arcade Fire’s career which solidifies them as (in my opinion) the greatest band ever.

And that brings us to the present. Their new album was released last month and it’s fantastic. Reflektor might even end up being the group’s masterpiece. I can’t stop listening to it and I am beyond excited they will be supporting the record by headlining night 2 of NSSN.

I could write about my love for Arcade Fire for days, but I’m on a deadline as I type so let’s end with this:

Very few musicians bring as much genuine feeling and passion into their art as this band. Their concerts are religious experiences that leave me wanting more. That’s why I’ve traveled all over the country to watch them play. That’s why I’ve emptied my bank account too many times to see 20 shows to date. Their “Reflektors” concert at the Capitol Records building last week was something I will never forget. Seeing my favorite band in the same room Frank Sinatra recorded in was special, but concert #21 will be as emotional as it gets. Arcade Fire and LIVE 105 will finally join forces (one day shy of the 9 year anniversary of the Bottom of the Hill show) to bring you our greatest Not So Silent Night ever. I can’t wait to see you there.

– Miles the DJ

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