San Francisco Ranked the Top City for Single People

By Alyssa Pereira
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(Ron Cervi/KCBS)

(Ron Cervi/KCBS)

As Business Insider reports, San Francisco has a whole lot of single people. Roughly 317,239, actually.

The study, conducted by, compiled data from cities with more than 50,000 rental homes and apartments in populations greater than 100,000. Next it took into account cities with high concentrations of single adults. Rental rates, as well as choices of nightlife and dining options, all factored in as to how friendly a city looks to a single person. Then, each city was given a score based on this criteria from 1-1,000 (with the higher number being more favorable).

Some obvious choices made the list—Chicago, Boston, Manhattan—but number 1 went to none other than San Francisco.

As it turns out, 39% of the population of 813,433 San Francisco is “single” (whether than means unmarried or legitimately single isn’t specified). It also marked a 374 in their Nightlife rating index, and a 236 in the restaurants options index.


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