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Bad Ass Stanford Professor Kicked out of Handel Concert in For Crowdsurfing

By Alyssa Pereira

It turns out, classical music is a hell of a drug.

A professor from Stanford named Dr. David Glowacki working as a visiting professor at the Royal Society in London attended a concert of Handel’s Messiah in Bristol, but didn’t make it all the way to the end of the show.

According to Gawker, the audience was invited to the front of the stage to “clap or whoop when [they] like[d], and no shushing other people” during the relatively epic work, leading Glowacki to get, as the theatre’s artistic director Tom Morris explains, “very overexcited.”

During the famous Hallelujah Chorus, Glowacki attempted to crowdsurf, after waving his hands around and whooping loudly.

He explained himself to The Independent (a European newspaper), saying, “Classical music, trying to seem cool and less stuffy, reeks of some sort of fossilised art form undergoing a midlife crisis.”

Glowacki is, in his own words, an “expert in non-equilibrium molecular reaction dynamics” but denies his radical behavior/badassery was a result of being drunk. “This may be a consequence of me being American,” he said, “but I can quite easily be provocative without the need to be inebriated.”

Glowacki is uninjured and will continue to make non-equilibrium molecular reaction dynamics seem really cool by association.


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