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‘Six Californias’ Planner Tim Draper Discusses State Dividing on ‘Colbert Report’

By Alyssa Pereira

You might remember Tim Draper for his Six Californias plan (or because we keep talking about him), but in a nutshell, the zany Silicon Valley venture capitalist devised a dastardly scheme to divide the too-damn-big state into a bunch of mini ones.

In this clip, Draper sits down with Stephen Colbert on last night’s ‘Colbert Report’ to discuss his plan, the economic problems of keeping California a whole, and about just how easy it is to get a proposal like this on the state ballot.

When Colbert asks Draper if he’ll be running for office in tandem he replies no. Colbert is amused. “You’re just gonna set the charges, blow it apart, and then say ‘Not my f**king problem.’?”

It looks that way, Stephen. Check out the video below.

The Colbert Report
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