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Research Center Finds That Beer Has Some Excellent Health Benefits

The Center for Beer Studies, Health and Nutrition is an organization led by Dr. Corina Zugravu, Dr. Alin Popescu and Dr. Mihaela Begeaâ in Romania, and they offer scholarships to post-grad students who are researching—yep—beer.

The organization studies the health benefits of beer, and have found out some great things. For example, this hoppy wonder juice can apparently help protect against anything from ulcers to Parkinson’s. Not only that, but they recommend that you drink one to two glasses of beer per day. Apparently, happy hour might be kind of good for your health.

Some studies they’ve done have found that moderate beer consumption improved the impact of positive memories and can significantly increase good cholesterol.

“That is because moderate beer drinking helps stimulate good cholesterol production (cholesterol HDL), which reduces the risk of arterial sickness.” Dr. Corina Zugravu told VICE. “Good cholesterol acts as a vacuum cleaner for excess cholesterol, while the bad kind sticks to the walls of the blood vessels.”

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    Research Center Finds That Beer Has Some Excellent Health Benefits « LIVE 105

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