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Uber Charged Over $450 in Single Fares This Weekend After Outside Lands

By Alyssa Pereira

UPDATED: See below.

This weekend was a good weekend to be an Uber driver. According to Valleywag, some drivers charged upwards of $470 to shuttle festival goers home after the festival, and allegedly, they were taking longer than average routes to do it under surge pricing. For example, one driver took a passenger whose house was four miles away on an 11-mile trek around the city, resulting in a charge of $391, which is about $120 more than the total price of a 3-day GA ticket.

Uber’s notorious “surge pricing” skyrocketed to rates five times normal rates, leading many to be pretty upset about the final bill. One Uber user was charged $234 to go about 7.5 miles. “I understand the reasoning behind surge pricing and I accept it, up to a point,” the rider told told us. “The rates during Outside Lands weekend were considerably higher than they’d been in previous years and seemed unnecessarily exorbitant.” And there were many more who were upset:



Even the minimum fares were high before they hit top surge pricing:



 Uber has released the following statement:

“Outside Lands brought over 200,000 people to Golden Gate park and many chose Uber as their ride of choice. Uber was founded with the goal of ensuring a reliable ride, wherever and whenever. Dynamic pricing helps ensure the reliability of choice. And, choice is a beautiful thing.”


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