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49er Vernon Davis Goes Undercover At Jamba Juice

By Alyssa Pereira

Vernon Davis isn’t only a fierce tight end for the 49ers, he’s also a savvy business man. Besides an art gallery that benefits youth arts education, he also owns a Jamba Juice in Santa Clara.

Recently, Davis decided to get an inside look at how things run, so he dressed himself up in dreads and eyeglasses with a name tag reading “Sycamore” (which is a hell of a name choice, Vernon) and went undercover.

The healthy aspect to the California-made smoothie joint is close to his heart. “I thought it’d be a perfect fit for me, and everything I believe in,” he told Inside Scoop. “I believe in a healthy lifestyle and being active, as well as putting the right things in your body.”

Ultimately his cover was blown. It turns out a 250 pound man towering over six feet who closely resembles the man whose name is on the door tends to lead people to draw conclusions.

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