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KKLive: AnTECHS Are The New Antiques, Hulu For Sandwiches & More #Trendasaurus

We could be seeing a lot less antique shops and a lot more anTECH shops in the future as old technology is becoming more and more valuable. Dust off those VHS tapes because they’re actually worth something now. As much as $1700 to be exact. If you haven’t thrown your collection away you should see how much they’re worth because this could be a serious money maker. A VHS copy of the evil Dead for example is worth over $200, and possibly the most valuable VHS right now is a movie called Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks, a 1974 erotic horror film.

Not a day goes by without tech companies trying to make things easier for us. Easier to wash your clothes, to shave your face, to get a meal delivered. But here’s a new one that you might like, a subscription service for your lunch.  It’s called MealPass. It’s like Hulu for sandwiches. You could waste half of your lunch break waiting in line for your overpriced sandwich or you can pay $100 a month to pre-order all your lunch foods and skip the lunch line altogether. It’s like a prepaid lunch card. You browse through the various menus, pick what you want, pre-order it before 9:30am, then just go and pick it up and be on your way. And it all works out to about $5 a day, which is a bargain. But only catch is that right now they’re on the same system as UberEats where they only offer one menu item at each restaurant. So if you don’t feel like a garbanzo bean hango bowl, you’re SOL.

Many celebrities have invested in weed. Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, our good friend Tommy Chong. They’re calling it the Green Rush, and the latest investor is none other than Whoopi Goldburg. After the movie Made in America, I didn’t think she could top herself, but she’s done it again. She’s starting a company called Whoopi and Maya, which has its own line of marijuana products specifically geared towards women. I thought pot was fairly unisex, but apparently it’s a problem and Whoopi wants to solve it with weed infused balms, sipping chocolates, and bath soaks designed to ease menstrual cramps.  Ladies, we’ve been smoking man weed this whole time, so it’s good to know we can finally enjoy it now that it’s been turned into chocolate.

Every dumb kid out there thinks they can mix a little sugar and lemon and make a proper lemonade stand. It’s the perfect way to get a little pity money from your parents and random neighbors. Usually, it never goes beyond your cul-de-sac, but one little girl has made it to the big time. Her lemonade is so kick ass that she’s just signed a deal with Whole Foods to sell her lemonade in stores, and she’s only 11 years old. She used her grandmother’s recipe to make lemonade with flaxseed and natural honey, and as soon as Whole Foods heard the word flaxseed they were sold. Just last year Mikailah got a $60,000 deal on Shark Tank for her BeeSweet lemonade, and now not even a year later it’s to be distributed in 55 Whole Foods locations. If it does well, it will be distributed nationwide.

AirBnb hosts have gotten very creative as of late, with igloo houses, tree houses, or even just a sleeping bag in a living room. But I would rather sleep in a thousand living rooms than sleep underwater with sharks, which is their next big promotion. If you love sharks or hate sleeping, this is the perfect thing for you. Three lucky winners will spend a night in Paris in an underwater bedroom completely surrounded by glass and completely submerged in a shark aquarium. They call it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, maybe because you only do it once before getting eaten alive. It’s totally paid for as long as you follow the house rules which include no selfies after dark, no diving and no night-swimming.

Earlier this week we heard the sad news that a California staple, the restaurant Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles, was going under. It’s where many people go for their favorite drunk meal, but apparently it wasn’t paying the bills because they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and claim they’re $7 million dollars in debt. Three million of that is owed to an employee who sued them for racial discrimination. But there is hope, and it comes from none other than Snoop Doggy Dog. As soon as he was told that one of his favorite restaurants was in jeopardy, he said “Roscoe’s went? No, they didn’t. I guess Ima have to buy it then, man and make it Snoop Dogg’s Chicken N Waffles.” Is this an empty, stoney promise? Only time will tell.

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