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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 09.26.16

Today’s show was all about the miracle of birth. Well, at least the end results of the miracle of birth. Kevin had finally brought in his daughter’s placenta for a little game of I’ve Got A Secret, where Kevin, Ally, Useless Weirdo, and Dead Eyes all try and guess what a listener’s secret is. The person with the guess the furthest away from the secret would be punished by being made to eat the placenta. Clearly no one wanted to lose this one and immediately regretted to taking part in this game.

After the loser was revealed, it seems one of the biggest issues was going to be how exactly this breakfast dish was going to be prepared. With Useless Weirdo’s hot plate being ruled out because of lame equipment issues, Dead Eyes was forced to improvise, with the sales’ team’s toaster oven put to good use by being taken from the cubicles to somewhere else so the office doesn’t reek of burnt placenta. If you think you can stomach the contest, take a listen below.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • The show debates what animal is the sexiest
  • Highlights of Ed Hochuli’s performance this weekend
  • Which times are the best for buying marijuana
  • And more!

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