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‘Pepe The Frog’ Creator Joins Kevin Klein Live

Pepe The Frog and his creator, Matt Furie, both endorse Kevin Klein Live.

Pepe The Frog and his creator, Matt Furie, both endorse Kevin Klein Live.

How did a weed-loving, stoner frog get listed alongside the swastika? That’s what Matt Furie, creator of Pepe The Frog, has been asking himself. The Anti-Defamation League recently added Pepe to their list of hate symbols, a response to its online use in many politically charged pictures (the majority coming from supporters of Donald Trump). This is just the latest progression for this well known cartoon turned internet meme.

Matt Furie stopped by Kevin Klein Live this morning to set the record straight about his green, smirking creation. The artist was very clear about Pepe’s intent – the comic was never meant to have any political agenda and he’s shocked by the strange trip the frog has taken.

Other topics included Pepe’s sexuality, his perspective on drug use, and how he feels about having his eyes replaced with nipples.

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