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KKLive: Steve Young Talks Crooked Refs, California’s Official Fabric Is…Denim? & More #Trendasaurus

The 49ers aren’t exactly something to brag about these days, so let’s focus on the people we used to brag about, like football fall-of-famer Steve Young. Winning Super Bowls and being MVP is a lot more exciting than getting sacked, so get excited about his new autobiography QB: My Life Behind The Spiral comes out next week. And in his book he shares many fascinating experiences he had throughout his career, including some very interesting stories about crooked refs. He explains that one ref in particular gave him some good calls during a game simply because he wanted him to marry his daughter. He explains that while he was QB for the Buccaneers, one of the refs approached him during a huddle and said his daughter goes to BYU and he’d like him to take her out. Young brushed it off and kept playing. Later on, Tampa Bay was down by 8 points and Steve got hit after a snap, fumbled the ball, leaving the other team to recover it. But all of a sudden the ref threw a flag up, calling a personal foul on the other team. The ref then went back over to Steve Young and whispered “she likes Italian food.” See the full story here:

Steve Young: A ref gave me a good call, hoping I’d marry his daughter

We talked yesterday about how American bees have make it to the endangered list for the first time in history, and if we don’t figure out how to save them we’re all going to die before the big one even hits. But it can be done, just look at the yellow-legged frog of Yosemite. Yellow-faced bees may be endangered, but the yellow-legged frog is making a huge comeback right when they were at the brink of extinction. Move over Pepe the Frog, the yellow-legged frogs are back, they’re hungry, and they’re not a hate symbol. At least not yet. They were going extinct because people kept stocking all the lakes with trout and they were eating all the frogs. Then all the frogs started getting a weird fungus and dying off. They were one of the few species that were expected to totally die off during our lifetime, but in a striking turn of events, they are f-ing their way back into existence. Their population has increase seven-fold and animal activists are orgasming with joy.

Look at this badass frog. Screwing it’s way back into existence. Like a boss. 

free frog KKLive: Steve Young Talks Crooked Refs, Californias Official Fabric Is...Denim? & More #Trendasaurus

The Canadian tuxedo no longer belongs to Canada. Thanks to San Francisco, it will forever be known as the Californian tuxedo, because after much debate, denim has been named the official fabric of California. Governor Jerry Brown just signed an official bill making it our state fabric, and I’d like to think it’s blue-jean wearers like me that made this place the land of jean. But it didn’t start with me. It started with a much more important name: Levi Strauss. Because they started making jeans right here in the Bay Area 140 years ago, and today 98% of America’s jeans are made right here in the Bay (and also down in LA.) However, there is debate on this. Some say jeans started in Italy, and others say they started in Nevada, where they even have a plaque in Reno commemorating the history of jeans  (wtf?). But once again, California gets the glory. And as long as we don’t bring jean skorts back, we’ll be a-ok.

Denim Named Official Fabric Of California

The end of the year is near, and when it comes we will all be flooded with year-end lists. But until then, we just get the standard ones, like “what are the most dangerous cities in America?” I believe last year we learned that  Stockton beat out Oakland as most dangerous city, but now it seems Oakland has reclaimed the murdery throne. Stockton was given the #12 slot, and Oakland is now the 9th most dangerous city in the country. Both cities are way farther down the list than they were last year. Oakland even kept it well under 100 murders in 2015, which is quite an accomplishment! All those hipsters moving in really seems to be making a difference. But keep in mind that Oakland still loves robbing. Oakland is still #1 in the country when it comes to robbing.  Other cities on the list included Baltimore at #7, Detroit came in at#2, and St. Louis Missouri is the new most dangerous city in America. It’s the murderiest, has the most violent crimes, a high unemployment rate and a high poverty rate which all combines to form the perfect trifecta of awful.

The Most Dangerous Cities in America

Perhaps one of the most fascinating guests we’ve ever had on this show was a man by the name of Tony Greenhand. He is a professional joint roller and his life goals include smoking his own weight in weed. He can roll anything into a joint. He’s done AK-47’s, dinosaurs, Spiderman, the head of Tommy Chong, and much more. Now, everyone is up in arms over his most recent creation, a giant Harambe blunt. It contains three ounces of weed, you smoke out of the ass of the gorilla, and he even made a separate joint of the three-year-old child that went into Harambe’s enclosure. He made it special for a group in Oregon, then shared it on Instagram when it was completed inviting anyone who wants to join him in smoking it down. But when it came down to it, the group realized that Harambe would have to die again in order to be smoked. So they unanimously decided to spare him, and he will be put into another enclosure, a glass case for display. And it is there, that Harambe will live on. What a happy ending.

Harambe fist bump!

harambe joint KKLive: Steve Young Talks Crooked Refs, Californias Official Fabric Is...Denim? & More #Trendasaurus

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