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KKLive: Forbes Richest Bay Area Celebrities, Dog Unitards & More #Trendasaurus

A recent study has shown that 7 out of every 10 people have less than $1,000 in their savings account. But here in the Bay Area, it seems like 7 in 10 people have less than a billion dollars in their savings. According to Forbes and their many lists on income, many of the richest people in the country and in the world are living among us. According to the newest lists of richest people in the Bay Area, it pays to invest in app, and it also pays to be a white guy. Three of the co-founders of AirBnb are on made the top 25, each having a net worth of over three billion dollars and all three living in San Francisco. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn is worth nearly $4 billion, George Lucas came in at $4.6 billion, and two co-founders of WhatsApp are worth $5.5 billion and $8 billion apiece. Then there’s the co-founder of Uber, Charles Schwab, Larry Ellison, and of course the richest of the rich is Mark Zuckerburg who is worth $55.5 billion dollars. Only one woman made the top twenty, and that was Laurene Powell Jobs, who is the widow of Steve Jobs. Yup, pretty much the only female billionaire in the Bay Area is there because she married a male billionaire. Good times.

If you currently own a Galaxy 7 phone, don’t put it in your front pocket. You might lose your genitals. If you own a replacement Galaxy 7 phone, don’t put it in your front pocket. You still might lose your genitals. It’s the hottest explode-y phone on the market. The Samsung Galaxy 7 was distributed for everyone’s swiping pleasure only to endure a massive recall when the batteries started exploding. Then, they said they fixed it. Samsung sent out replacements, but now the replacements are catching fire just like the originals. One allegedly exploded in a woman’s back pocket while walking her dog, another exploded in a teenage girl’s hand, and now another report is coming in from a guy who said his phone caught fire while it was sitting on a table on his bedroom. It was not charging and not even being used. He woke up and his entire room was filled with smoke and his phone was on fire. Later on, he started vomiting black stuff & decided that was probably a good time to go to the hospital. He’s okay now, but it does seem like the Galaxy Note 7 is the new hoverboard, so text with caution.

It’s great having a dog, but wouldn’t you love to own one without having to worry about it shedding, scratching itself and getting dander all over your stuff? Can’t technology fix this? Possibly, but until then there are dog unitards. The newest way for you to own a dog without making your apartment look like you own a dog. They’re called the Shed Defender, they come in a variety of colors and sizes and cover your entire dog from neck to feet, with a little hole for the tail and I assume the genitals. It basically makes your dog look like they’re a member of Cirque de Soleil. They claim in locks in allergens and dander, keeps your pet from shedding all over the house, relieves tension and reduces barking. Of course, a dog unitard cannot exist without people protesting it, and animal lovers and even vets are saying these things are ridiculous and will cause dogs to overheat. But the creator insists it’s breathable material and will not harm a dog in any way. So if you want a dog that won’t act like a dog, pick up a dog unitard.

This is unitarded.

dog unitard KKLive: Forbes Richest Bay Area Celebrities, Dog Unitards & More #Trendasaurus

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