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Green Day Debut Anti-Trump Video for ‘Troubled Times’

The video's director pulls out all the stops to paint Trump as a tyrant and proliferator of hate.

By Staff

Just days before Donald J. Trump is sworn into office, Green Day has launched another element of their ongoing protest against the soon-to-be 45th President of the United States.

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In their new lyric video for “Troubled Times, the band uses images of Trump and his trademark phrase Make America Great Again against him by changing it to Make America Hate Again among others.

The video pits images of Martin Luther King Jr. against those of Trump and does it’s best to show the disparity between the two powerful figures. Director, Manu Viqueira, also pairs Trump with images of KKK members, bombs, guns, the end of equal rights for women and well, everything he could find to paint the President-Elect as a tyrant and proliferator of hate.

Green Day have never been ones to shy away from making a statement. Enjoy the polarizing lyric video below.



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