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Amazon Bookstore To Open In Walnut Creek

Amazon has opened several bookstores on the west coast since 2015 & the first one in the Bay Area should arrive later this year.

Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza is where you’ll be able to find it.

495711608 Amazon Bookstore To Open In Walnut Creek

Credit: Stephen Brashear / Stringer

 “We are excited to be bringing Amazon Books to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, California, and we are currently hiring store managers and associates,” Amazon spokeswoman Deborah Bass said in a statement. “Stay tuned for additional details down the road.” – CNET

The store will feature the highest-rated books on Amazon & serve as a place to purchase Amazon products like the Kindle & Echo voice-activated speakers.

The latest update on the store came in March & mentioned that the bookstore will feature a cafe & is still undergoing a review from the city before an official opening date is set.


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