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Courtesy of Goat Festival Facebook

7th Annual Goat Festival In SF This April

Baby goats, goat cheese, goat..cooking lessons?

LIVE 105–03/31/2015

(Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

McDonald’s To Start Offering Breakfast … ALL DAY

We’ve been waiting all these years…

LIVE 105–03/30/2015


The 10 Best Performances At SXSW (According To Dallas)

Our own Dallas hit up Austin, TX last week for the music portion of SXSW and here ‘s what he loved.

LIVE 105–03/26/2015


Interview: Beartooth At SXSW

Dallas met up with hard-rockers Beartooth to discuss important things like what color the dress actually is.

LIVE 105–03/26/2015

(Photo: Sarah McColgan)

Interview: Mystery Skulls At SXSW

Luis from Mystery Skulls sat down with Dallas @ SXSW & they got hyped for BFD 2015.

LIVE 105–03/26/2015


Interview: Priory At SXSW

Dallas caught up with Portland’s Priory to discuss their new record “Need To Know” & how the Warriors would beat the Blazers in the NBA playoffs.

LIVE 105–03/25/2015


Interview: New Beat Fund At SXSW 2015

Dallas spoke with SoCal’s New Beat Fund about the ideal Sunday Funday.

LIVE 105–03/25/2015


Interview: Twin Shadow At SXSW

Dallas spoke with George of Twin Shadow about his new release, “Eclipse”.

LIVE 105–03/24/2015

(Photo: Nadav Benjamin)

Interview: Big Data At SXSW

Dallas chatted with Alan Wilkes of Big Data about collaborations on the new album 2.0.

LIVE 105–03/24/2015

Awolnation's Aaron Bruno (Courtesy Red Bull Records)

Photos & Interview: AWOLNATION At SXSW

Dallas caught up with Aaron from AWOLNATION to talk about their new album ‘RUN’.

LIVE 105–03/20/2015