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“The Most Interactive Show in the future of radio,” only begins to describe Live 105’s new morning show, Kevin Klein LIVE. Other quotes used to describe it are “unapologetic yet full of apologies” and “please bring back my music, I hate this show.” Honest and Raw are not just for terms for vegan food anymore. Kevin Klein LIVE is a daily conversation that goes places that it probably shouldn’t … er … definitely shouldn’t. Race, sex, drugs, homosexuality, and kale are just some of the topics tackled in a humorous yet authentic way. Bottom line — you will LOVE it or HATE it. Decide for yourself mornings from 6 AM – 10 AM. You’ve been warned.

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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.24.17

Ally begins some major planning for her wedding (including the taking a last name scenario), Week In Shame looks at vacationing millennials and toys mistaken for sex toys, & more in today’s edition of Kevin Klein Live sans Kevin Klein.

LIVE 105–03/24/2017

Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.23.17

Today’s Double Trouble Thursday lacks Kevin, but has a look at a man that got attacked by a crocodile while trying to impress a woman, a March Badness bracket on the worst roommates, and more from today’s Kevin Klein Live.

LIVE 105–03/23/2017

Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.22.17

The debut of a song giving appreciation to Wednesday, March Badness spews hatred at the worst people to find at a grocery store, and more in today’s edition of Kevin Klein Live.

LIVE 105–03/22/2017

Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.21.17

An interview with the creator of a sex robot that you need to put in the mood, some possible cheating in the new game NCAA Player or As Seen On TV Product, and more in today’s edition of Kevin Klein Live.

LIVE 105–03/21/2017

Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.20.17

Ally reveals her big engagement news from over the weekend, the show continues March Bad-Ness with a look at the worst people on an elevator, and more from today’s edition of Kevin Klein Live.

LIVE 105–03/20/2017

Get into Kevin Klein Live’s Inaugural Wake And Bake!

Come enjoy a live broadcast with Kevin Klein Live and see performances by K.Flay and Bob Moses!

LIVE 105–03/20/2017

Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.17.17

The entirety of today’s St. Patrick’s Day special from The Irish Bank, with Useless Weirdo’s green card wedding, a chat with SNL’s Darrell Hammond, sobriety checks with Stanley Roberts, and more in today’s Kevin Klein Live.

LIVE 105–03/17/2017

Kevin Klein Live Gives Out Green Card in St. Patty’s Day Wedding

The so-called “green wedding” highlighted immigration issues, while also celebrating St. Patrick’s Day


Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.16.17

Prepping Useless Weirdo for his wedding with surprise guests, March Bad-Ness takes aim at the annoying do-gooders, and more in today’s Double Trouble Thursday Edition of Kevin Klein Live.

LIVE 105–03/16/2017

Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 03.15.17

Looking at a growing trend of adults showering with their children, Let’s Get Offended over retirees making sweaters for chickens, and more in today’s edition of Kevin Klein Live.

LIVE 105–03/15/2017

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