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Ever Buy Vinyl On Amazon? Get The MP3s For Free

While music fans continue to buy physical copies of their favorite releases, those CDs and vinyl LPs are often ripped into digital MP3s for convenience’s sake.


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Top 5 Rock Albums You’ll Buy In 2013: Blink-182, Queens Of The Stone Age, Arcade Fire

Coldplay, Jack White, Mumford & Sons, Muse, the Black Keys – of the countless rock albums to come down the sonic pike in 2012, the most recent releases from these key artists were among the […]


8 Most Anticapted Albums of the Fall

You wouldn’t know it based on our recent (AWESOME) Bay Area weather, but the Summer is long over.  We are now finding ourselves in the season known as Fall and with that comes new fall […]


RESULTS: Most Anticipated LIVE 105 Album of 2011

One week ago we asked you to vote for the album you were looking forward to the most in 2011. With the group of LIVE 105 heavy-hitters who could have won the title the actual […]