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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 05.25.17Today's Double Trouble Thursday brings Twinkie some possible job prospects on the day of his graduation, the famous BARTist draws Kevin's likeness, and more in today's Kevin Klein Live.
Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 04.25.17Going over the gang of teens robbing people on BART, Kevin witnessing a person get fired on the spot at a grocery store, and more in today's edition of Kevin Klein Live.
Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 04.14.17Attempting to get BART a good slogan for their anti-creep campaign, honoring the week's low points with the Mediocre Awards, and more from today's edition of Kevin Klein Live.
Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 04.13.17Useless Weirdo takes a tip into the deep end, Kevin talks about his past with the dearly departed Charlie Murphy, a chat with San Jose Sharks' Paul Martin, and more in today's Double Trouble Thursday edition of Kevin Klein Live.
No Pants BART Ride Set For This SundaySomething to do this weekend.
Bay Area NYE 2017 Transit GuideWhat's free to ride & how late are they operating?
These Unofficial Placards Showed Up On BART This MorningNot what you expected to come across on your commute.
BART's Haiku Twitter Battle, Polyamory Is The Future Of Love & More From #TrendasaurusForget Giants vs. Dodgers. Now it's all about BART vs. LA Metro
Kevin Klein Live Create Anti-Manspreading Slogans For BARTBART will start fining riders who take up too much space. KKL got listeners to submit slogans for the campaign and the response was HUGE.
KKLive: Walking Dead Adult Coloring Books, This Many Americans Cook Naked & More #TrendasaurusGoodbye paisley, hello zombies.
KKLive: Emotional Support Turkeys Are A Thing, Severed Foot On BART & More #TrendasaurusI could have had a turkey on a plane this entire time?! Life wasted.
A Squirrel Caused The Massive East Bay Power Outage!?!Officials said a squirrel caused a massive outage that left more than 40,000 East Bay Pacific Gas & Electric customers in the dark Monday night.

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