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7 Ways To Keep Yourself From Going Crazy During The #HellaStormIt's like you're Amish.
Surprise: George R. R. Martin Is Going to Kill Off A Lot Of 'Fire and Ice' CharactersSurprised?
Actor Jason Segel Turning Former Pennywise Singer’s ‘Punk Rock Dads’ Book Into Feature FilmJim Lindberg has come a long way from singing "F--- Authority" as the frontman for punk heroes Pennywise. Now the singer is a genuine "punk rock dad," and "How I Met Your Mother" actor Jason Segel is bringing his story to the big screen.
Jay-Z Remembers How Nirvana 'Stopped' Hip-Hop With 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'According to rap mogul Jay-Z, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were so popular in the early '90s that the entire hip-hop movement had to simply take a time out while grunge ran its course.
Metallica's Kirk Hammett Releasing Horror Book, Line of Toys
Former Hole Guitarist Eric Erlandson To Publish Book About Kurt Cobain

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