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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 04.14.17Attempting to get BART a good slogan for their anti-creep campaign, honoring the week's low points with the Mediocre Awards, and more from today's edition of Kevin Klein Live.
49ers Turn to Craigslist to Find Head Coach?Has the once proud franchise really become this desperate?
Creepy Coachella 2017 Craigslist Posts Are Here"Periodic Moments of extended eye contact." Required
Do You Have What It Takes To Live In The 'Startup Castle'?(Probably not.)
Meet 'We Met On The N', A Missed Connection Site Specifically For The Busiest Line On Muni
There's A 'Star Trek' Sex Van For Sale, And You Only Have To Go To Canada To Get It
SF Woman Seeks Sad Bus Stop Crusader In World's Greatest Missed Connection
If You've Got Mad 'Super Mario' Skills And A Way To Get To L.A. This Dude Needs Your Help
Anybody Want To Buy A Pirate Ship?
Oakland Craigslist Ad Poster Just Wants A Punch Right In The Face, PleaseDo you need a quick $5?
Craigslist Ad Lists Rental In The Trunk Of A Car In Berkeley For $2000"You're saving $250 -- it's a steal!"
You Can Now Apply To Live in the San Francisco 'EDM House'To some people, electronic music is a way of life. To others, it's a way to find roommates.

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