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WTF Is Going On With This Bizarre Dave Coulier Fan Page?

There’s a mysterious Facebook fan page that for some reason posts the same photo of ‘Full House’ star Dave Coulier wearing the same dweeby sweater every. single. day. There’s another page like it of an […]

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East Bay Dispatchers Kindly Ask That You Stop Calling 911 When Facebook Goes Down

Social media networks, like literally everything else in the world, are not perfect. Occasionally, websites crash. Facebook malfunctions. Instagram glitches. It’s just a truth of life, like death, taxes, and the perpetual rise of movie ticket […]

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New England Patriots fans watch Super Bowl XLVI in Boston, MA

The 10 Most Popular Break-Up Songs (According To Facebook)

Facebook & Spotify collaborated in compiling the popular songs before & after a relationship…


Expressions Affection Abound On Valentine's Day

The 10 Most Popular Songs When Starting A New Relationship (According to Facebook)

Facebook & Spotify collaborated in compiling the popular songs before & after a relationship…


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The Most Discussed Songs On Facebook This Year Are Probably Songs You Don’t Even Like

2014 was quite a year. Between all of the protests, films, and every other crazy thing that happened this year, there was also a whole lot of music. Unfortunately for us, almost none of this year’s most […]

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Here’s Who You Should Unfriend On Facebook

Happy National Unfriend Day! The world’s saddest holiday might catch some of you off guard (it certainly surprised us that anyone would want to dedicate a day to this), but in the name of arbitrary celebrations, […]

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Mark Zuckerberg And Six Other Guys Who Wear The Same Thing Every Day

Zuck reveals the secret behind his grey shirt uniform.

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114-Year-Old Woman Forced To Lie About Her Age To Join Facebook

Social media users, get ready for the entrance of Anna Stoehr: Minnesota’s oldest living person and Facebook’s newest liar. Stoehr is 114 years old, and wanted to get connected to her friends and family. However, upon […]

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